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Hello. I'm Angelina. I came back to LJ a few months ago but my friends page is already falling a little flat. I'm 22 and from Cali but have spent the last two years traveling the country because of my job.

My likes::

My cat
The beach
Jack Daniels
My boyfriend
Bob Marley
Animal rights
Led Zeppelin
Will Farrel
80's Hair metal
Positive people
Pretzel m&m's

I do have some very strong opinions against organized religion and the republican party. And I do occasionaly talk about sex and "substances..not necessarily mine but yeah..just a warning.So no body under 18 please. No offense I just feel wired talking about certain subjects with young eyes reading no matter how mature they might be. And if any of that offends you, you probably don't wanna add me but I don't mind a good debate :) Anybody else just comment so I know to add you baaack.

Hey there

1) Your name: Becky or Rebekah
2) Location: Lorain, Ohio (It’s near Cleveland, Ohio)
3) Age: 27
4) Job: Novel and short story writer
5) Horoscope sign: Sagittarius
6) Eye color: Bottom of the lake blue
7) Original hair color: Dirty dish water Blonde
8) Current hair color: Black and red
9) Smoker: No

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My Name is Shay Drake. I’m always looking back and thinking of how things change and maybe what could have been different if some things happened at a different time. I live in Florida and i wouldn’t want to call it remarkable.

To me age is just a number and shouldn’t define the things we're allowed to do. Some people are mature at a young age and other people never seem to grow up.

I make my own principles in life CONTINUALLY, even though they change constantly through out my life. i adore the color yellow, its shiny, and makes me feel better.

I’m paranoid over everything and anything because i’m terrified of what could possibly happen. It the stupid stuff that worries me the most.

I'm disorderly and sometimes crude but i could be your best friend or you biggest nightmare.

I’m never open on how i feel but usually you’ll find me with a smile on my face. I'm not the person to tell you what you want to hear, or to say everything will be okay, i’ll merely tell you the icy hearted truth. I don’t take things for granted, because it could be the last thing that makes me smile.


Name: Tom

Age: 28

Date of Birth: August 17th

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Location: Lorain, Ohio, United States

Occupation: Writer, artist

Hair: Dark Chestnut Brown

Eyes: Green

Ethnicity: White

Language: English

Marital Status: Open

Looking for: Friends, pen-pals

Tattoos/Piercings: None

Religion: Wiccan

About me (basics): I love vampires! I also have an interest in dragons and the occult: ghosts, spirits etc.

Hobbies: painting, drawing, and writing video games: R P G's: Final Fantasy, Zelda; role-playing in RPG's like D&D and Vampire the Masquerade; trying to learn to cook: I do make an awesome chili. I am a huge wrestling fan and my favorite wrestler is Shawn Michaels; I like Triple H as well. I am the biggest DX fan that I know. I enjoy an exciting, adventurous ghost haunting trips.

Music: Ozzy, Guns and Roses, Nightwish, Type O Negative, Marilyn Manson, and Rob Zombie.

Books: Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series

TV: Wrestling, House, Family Guy, Simpsons, and Anime

Movies: Repo! The Genetic Opera, the Crow, Interview with a Vampire, Sweeney Todd, most of the Horrorfest colletions

How long are your emails? Several pages, I love to write.

Do you hand-write or type? I usually type my letters.
How long does it take you to reply to an email?
A few days to a week at the most, the longest would be up to two weeks if I was really busy.
What age would you like your email pal to be?
Where would you like them to be from?
France, Italy, Japan, Greece and USA, anywhere really . . . but I am taking into a particular interest in French and Japanese cultures.


Please message me or e-mail at Darius_wolveire817@yahoo.com for my address.




Wish List


  1. Anime related things: Posters, cards, and stickers
  2. Traveling Pictures (Europe and Japan)
  3.  Poems or stories written in Japanese or French or Greek
  4. Gothic or Abstract Art

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Hey I'm Danielle Eva [I go by Danni] I'm 18 years old. I am currently preggers. Due July 1st with a little girl *Josie Adelyn*. I have been dancing since I could stand and taught dance for 4 years. Currently I work at a Kayak Shop here in Florida. I'm going to school next year for Early Childhood Education. Now after all the boring stuff, I am one down to earth person. I say it how it is and if you can't handle the truth don't add me. I love meeting new people. Friends, online or in person are the most important things in life. I'm up to talk about anything and everything. I am a VERY open book. So, don't be afraid to ask me something =).

AIM : sunshineluvax3
YAHOO : love2dance630@yahoo.com
MYSPACE : www.myspace.com/tipsy4ux0x